Welcome to the Chaos

Welcome to POP CULTURE CHAOS, a new site dedicated to being your central hub for all things Movies, Comic Books, Television,  Music, Gaming, Gadgets and everything geek. I’ll be your tour guide as we travel through the worlds of geekdom-and show you what we like.

So what’s the deal with this site?

My goal, is to have weekly contributors, regular posters, and a [hopefully? maybe? please?] weekly podcast about all things pop culture.

Expect a strong social media pressence. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, MySpace, Friendster, Xanga, LiveJournal, ChatRoulette…..okay maybe not those last few…

so this is just the ice breaker. the welcome rug. welcome to the chaos..and i leave you with this…the new Batman.

he was the bomb in phantoms yo.


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