NXT Rewind | Your Weekly WWE NXT Report!

Welcome to the NXT Rewind – your weekly recap of WWE NXT!

Air Date: August 28th 2013
Aired on: Hulu Plus

Current NXT Champions at time of airing:
NXT Champion: Bo Dallas
NXT Tag Team Champions: Adrian Neville (2) & Corey Graves
NXT Womens Champion: Paige

This weeks main event match:  NXT Tag Team Champion Adrian Neville vs The Ascensions Conner O’Brien

Welcome to the 8-28 edition of NXT on Hulu Plus! Our announce team is William Regal and Tony Dawson, and we open up with Corey Graves talking to Rene in the back-when he’s greeted by Rick Victor of The Ascension. After a little back and forth, Conner O’Brien attacks him with part of the staging. This sets up our main event, Corey’s partner vs Conner O’Brien!

Cue the NXT Intro, I still dont get the use of “Welcome Home” by Coheed and Cambria. I really fucking HATE how Kassius Ohno vanished from NXT-even the opening video. This man should be main eventing RAW, not sitting on the side lines!
We open up with our first match of the night, CJ Parker vs Tyler Breeze. CJ Parker is from the “Moonchild Comune”. He’s a hippy. Yep. Those are still things apparently. Tyler Breeze is the bastard love child of Dolph Ziggler and FAHHHNN DAAANNNN GOOOO. His gimmick is that he’s a narcisistic douche who loves to take pictures of himself. So NXT opens with the hippie vs  the fashion model! Breeze is actually very entertaining, and both men are solid in the ring. I like how Breezes iphone case matches his gear. Purple tights, purple case.
First Awesome Chant of the Night: “Break his phone” directed at Tyler Breeze.
First Awkward Chant of the Night: “Breeze is gorgeous”
Tyler Breeze smacks CJ Parker in this face with his iPhone (which is in a basic cheap case, not an Otterbox) Here’s a new ad for apple. Your iPhone 5 can win you matches! This was a quick fun match, the story was good enough for these two.
UP NEXT its a backstage promo by Emma! She talks about how Summer Rae attacked her, and how she’s going to beat her tonight and go play Dance Dance Emmalution later. Yeah. It was about that great.
They announce the main event: Neville vs Comer O’Brien in the main event…
Match number two is Emma vs Summer Rae. Emma is an Australian girl who like to dance….she carries bubbles with her. You might know Summer Rae as the girl who dances to the ring with Fandango. Rae with a NICE roll thru DDT.
First WTF Chant of the Night: “ECW! ECW! ECW!” during Emma / Rae. I happened to look away, may of been an old school cat fight?
Emma is such a plucky baby face. Emma with a submission win. Now she goes on to challenge the Anti-Diva Paige for the NXT Women’s title….BUT WAIT Summer Rae attacks Emma, and pours the bubble solution on her!
The mid card joke crew. Sylvester Leforte and DDPs bastard son, Enzo Amore. Setting up our next match…
But first…another Summer Rae promo…with… Sasha…something er other. shes like never on TV. this doesn’t end….Summer Rae is not very good on the mic. At all.
Match Three is Scott Dawson vs Enzo Amore! Enzo is a Jersey douchebag, and Scott Dawson is a roughneck…
Sylvester Lafort, the French moneymaker introduces his client…Scott Dawson…because an Arn Anderson look a like and a French guy makes perfect sense….
Enzo Amore w/ Collin Cassady…he talks himself to the ring.
Commentary Quote of the Night “He’s like an electrified ferret” – William Regal, re Enzo Amore.
Dawson is your typical roughneck. He does really feel very old school. Regal compares him to Arn Anderson.
After a big spot. Alexander Rusev attacked Colin Cassady, which distracted DDPs love child and Dawson laid him out for the win.. Yay random pairing!
Up next is an in ring interview with SAMI ZAYN!!
Sami Zayn promo….fastest rising NXT star. The former El Generico is making a huge impact. Last week he had a stellar 2 / 3 falls match with Antonio Cesaro. YoU NEED to go out of your way to see this match.
“Match if the year” chant
Bo Dallas is out on cue….
“No more Bo” chants…god…WHY ARE YOU EMPLOYED???? Why are you a champion, and Kassius Ohno is on the sidelines????
“Ole” chants. For those of you who don’t know. Sami Zayn is independent star El Generico, sans mask. Generico’s trademark was coming out to “Ole” by The Bouncing Souls.
Simpsons reference.
Bo Dallas: “They’re not booing me. They’re saying Boooooo”
Sami Zayn: Are you saying Bo? Or Boo?
And Zeb Coulter is out…he’s the ring leader of this group called The Real Americans, featuring Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro. I’ll let you wrap your head around that. They’ve been trying to call Sami an ‘illegal alien’ for the last few weeks…..because Zayn upset Cesaro in his debut.
..and there’s Jack Swagger….who lays out Sami Zayn.
Up next: Neville vs O Brian!!!
But first, a look at Summerslam Axxess…they recap the NXT event outside the Staples Center. Fun looking night.
MAIN EVENT FOR NEXT WEEK: Sami Zayn vs Jack Swagger
The main event is Adrian Neville vs Conner O’Brien. The match is fun, back and forth action. O’Brien is a POWER HOUSE, and Neville is everything the X Division should be. He uses his speed to his advantage, and in the end-beats O’Brien with a beautiful 450 splash. very fun match.
post match, the ascension beat up neville…and out comes an injured Corey Graves, to no avail.
Overall, the show wasnt bad. Not great. The action was VERY light. The mic work from the divas is about as horrible as you’d expect. The two real feuds they have in Sami Zayn vs Real Americans and Neville / Graves vs  The Ascension are building nicely. I just hate they have such a deep roster, and only an hour a week to showcase them. I’d like to see NXT get expanded, even to 90 minutes. This would help keep talent from appearing one week, and than not being seen for a month. It’s so hard to get talent over when they’re not on the program EVERY WEEK. Example is Richie Steamboat-who was the golden child when NXT first relaunched. Than he feuded with Ohno, and vanished.
Overall, NXT is a fantastic show and needs more time to develop its roster.
Check back next week, it will be Sami Zayn vs Jack Swagger!
-John Olesen

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