[REVIEW] DC Comics “Justice League: Trinity War” (Mini Series | 2013)

“Trinity War” is the latest self contained cross over event in DC’s New 52-this one entangling the three Justice League books, and is a set up for the first big line wide crossover event in October, “Forever Evil”.

The main story can be found in Justice League #22 and #23, Justice League of America #22 and #23, and Justice League Dark #22 and #23. The main Justice League is comprised of the likes of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Hal Jordan, etc etc etc etc. The JLA is comprised of Steve Trevor, Martian Manhunter, Catwoman, Vibe, etc etc etc. The JLD is comprised of Zatana, John Constantine, Madam Xanadu, Deadman, etc. Additional story points can be seen in the prelude: Trinity of Sin: Pandora #1, 2, and 3. As well as Trinity of Sin: Phantom Stranger #11 and Constantine #5

Want to know what I thought about this epic mystery, involving secret societies, super hero murder, and super powered being on super powered being violence? Check below the jump for all the details!

WARNING: There will be spoilers..you have been warned.

“Trinity War” is the six issue lead in for the first brand wide event of the New 52, “Forever Evil.” The story revolves around an incident between the Justice League and JLA in the Middle East. A Secret Society has been waiting for a moment to turn the League on itself, and they use this to do so-but shooting Superman with a kryptonite bullet, and making it look like Superman kills Dr. Light. This prompts an all out war between the two Leagues.

Meanwhile, the Secret Society kidnaps Madam Xanadu, and Shazam flies to the middle east to spread the ashes of Teth-Adam.

As the story progresses, we find out that Superman has come in contact with Pandora’s Box-which Wonder Woman believes is the cause. Superman is put in a holding cell, by Amanda Waller and Steve Trevor-and Diana goes to seek some magical aid, in the form of John Constantine and the Justice League Dark.


Zatanna confirms that no magic was involved in it-which further implicates Superman in the murder. The League is told of Wonder Womans plans to get the help of Constantine, which causes Batman to take a team comprised of JL and JLA members to confront Diana.


MEANWHILE, The Question sneaks in-and breaks Superman out of his cell, wanting to prove his innocence. This causes Superman and The Question to take a trip with the remaining Leaguers at ARGUS to confront Batman and Wonder Woman.


So Trinity means two things here. It references the DC Trinity of Heroes, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. It reflects the Trinity of the Justice League-JL, JLA and Dark. It also reflects the Trinity of Sin, Pandora-who ends up with JL Dark, Phantom Stranger and The Question.


In the insuing battle, we see Pandoras Box get hot potatoed around by Leagues, infecting Wonder Woman and Shazam-who transforms into a new Black Costume under its power. We also get a glimpse of Earth-2, and Doctor Fate, who is effected by the magical force-along with all the other magic wielders in the DCU.


The box finally opens a portal, and we get the revelation of who was inside the League-and it was The Atom (or Atomica). She implanted a program into Cyborg, that presumably KILLS Victor and turns his cybernetic half into a being called Grid. Finally, The Outsider gets Pandora’s Box-and we finally find out his identity-and the revelation of the villains for “Forever Evil”, as Atomica sells the League out. We also find out that Trinity meant “Three”, and is the number of true evil. The Outsider opens the door to another dimension…Earth-3…






..let me re-iterate. SPOILERS….

2013-09-03 18.34.03

The Crime Syndicate.


That’s right, all of this has been leading up to another multi-verse style smackdown between the New 52 Heroes and the Crime Syndicate.


So what were my thoughts on Trinity War? I liked it. I enjoyed the overall story-and its something I kind of hope they adapt in a possible forthcoming Justice League animated series / movie. I’m pumped for Forever Evil. Not so much for Villains Month, but I’m pumped for Forever Evil. I just hope Nightwing doesn’t die. That’d make me mad..very mad…


So go pick up Trinity War. It’s six issues-and you can get through it in a couple hours. It reads better as one long narrative, than “episodic”, the way you’d do if you read it monthly. It’s the same thing I’m doing with Scott Snyder’s “The Wake”. I’m 2 issues deep, but I’m ‘trade-waiting’ as its called apparently-but that’s another blog for another time.


-John Olesen


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