[REVIEW] Nine Inch Nails – “Hesitation Marks” (2013)

Artist: Nine Inch Nails

Album: Hesitation Marks

Year: 2013


Trent Reznor (et al)

Additional Session musicians

Track Listing:

1. “The Eater of Dreams” 0:52
2. Copy of A 5:23
3. Came Back Haunted 5:17
4. “Find My Way” 5:16
5. “All Time Low” 6:18
6. “Disappointed” 5:44
7. Everything 3:20
8. “Satellite” 5:03
9. “Various Methods of Escape” 5:01
10. “Running” 4:08
11. “I Would for You” 4:33
12. “In Two” 5:32
13. “While I’m Still Here” 4:03
14. “Black Noise”

Want to hear what I think about the new NIN disc? Click on the jump to find out….

I want to preface this review with the following:

I LOVE Nine Inch Nails.

They are absolutely one of my favorite bands. Seeing them on the “Wave Goodbye” tour was a dream come true.

“Pretty Hate Machine” and “Downward Spiral” are permanently etched in my list of all time favorite albums.

The material released between “With Teeth”, “Year Zero”, “Ghosts I-IV” and “The Slip”? Well that’s been met with a verying degree of “meh” to “what the hell?”

So here brings us the 2013 effort from NIN, “Hesistation Marks”. This is Halo 28 for those keeping score at home, and is the bands first studio album since “The Slip” in 2008.

The first listen, I didn’t like it. I’ll be honest. The comparison I drew was that of the inverse of a band called Mindless Self Indulgence. Let me explain, this album in no way shape or form SOUNDS like MSI, but theres a similar approach.

In MSI’s early work-the ‘songs’ felt like just randomness thrown in a box and than hit with a hammer. When they released “You’ll Rebel To Anything” in 2005, it felt like they finally learned how to write actual songs.

NIN has seeminly gone in the reverse of that. Following classics like the aforementioned “Pretty Hate Machine” and “Downward Spiral”-and even the double album “The Fragile”..it seems that NIN has been slowly falling into the descent of ‘random noises = music. “Ghosts” and “The Slip” proved that, and the song writing quality of “With Teeth” and “Year Zero” are debatable at best. The first listen thru gave off that same vibe. Also during that first listen thru, I was driving to and from work, starting and stopping. I recently laid down on my bed-threw headphones into my iPhone, and listened to the whole hour and change album without a break.

It’s magical.

I can honestly call this the best NIN album since “The Fragile”. Trent has a certain gravity in the songs that you need to zero in on to hear. Overall, I’m absolutely in love with this album. I love it. The feeling of ‘random noise’ goes away when you dont have any distractions. It’s an album that i think would be a very exciting ride if pumped into a sensory deprivation chamber. All you have is your mind, and the music. Thats what creates the experience, not dodging traffic while trying to focus on it, not starting and stopping the album.

“Hesitation Marks” is available TODAY, September 3rd 2013″ in various formats. You can pick it up digitally on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play- as well as check the album out at your local brick and mortar record shops. The album is available in a standard edition, a deluxe edition, a vinyl edition and a digital edition. There is also a Japanese edition with an exclusive remix track.

Standard Edition
Standard Edition
Deluxe Edition
Deluxe Edition
Japanese Edition
Japanese Edition

All in all, I cant recommend this album enough. Its FANSTASTIC, and one of my favorite CDs of 2013!

Check out the video for “Came Back Haunted” right here!

NIN – Came Back Haunted Official Video

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