Forever-Evil-1-cover-David-Finch-Crime-Syndicate“Forever Evil #1”

Written by: Geoff Johns

Art by: David Finch

Publisher: DC Comics

Storyline “Forever Evil”

Release Date: September 4th 2013

Featuring: Nightwing, Crime Syndicate, Lex Luthor, Teen Titans







Last week, we Talked about DC’s TRINITY WAR event, and I gave my over all thoughts on the storyline. This time around, with “Forever Evil” being DC’s first MAJOR CROSS OVER EVENT of the New 52-I’m going to go issue by issue.


Now let me preface that with I’m only going to FOCUS ON THE MAIN SERIES. I am not going to review each and every “Villains Month” book-although for point of reference, “Batman #23.1” and “Batman & Robin #23.1” are fun books and worth a check out. I especially want to hear Mark Hamil narrate Batman 23.1-nor will I be reviewing the individual tie in books for it.


Forever Evil will be comprised of:

  • Forever Evil – A 7 issue miniseries by Geoff Johns and David Finch, focusing on the villains of the DC Universe.

In October 2013, three, six-issue tie-in books will launch:


In addition, several of DC’s ongoing comic series tie into Forever Evil starting in October:


So with that said, the main story arc will be in the Forever Evil proper line. Want to hear my thoughts on issue one? Follow the jump.





Forever_Evil_1Forever Evil opens up with two small stories to set the stage.


The first, a conversation between Lex Luthor and Thomas Kord on a helicopter. Luthor is trying to buy out Kord Industries-where he plays the savvy businessman role.  He makes the ‘accidents can happen’ threat-and lays out his plan to ruin Kord and his family if he doesn’t sell to Luthor. Shortly after he does this-the pilot reports trouble, and a streak in the sky strikes the helicopter-sending it crashing to a rooftop. Luthor looks over at his phone, which has lit up with a message:


“This World Is Ours”


We segue over to Grid, who is systematically blacking out penitentiaries across the world.


In Gotham City, Nightwing has returned to drop of Zsasz in Arkham. Apparently be broke out and went to Chicago. He’s on the phone with Barbara Gordon the whole time, and she asks him out to dinner-when his radio cuts out with a message:


“This World Is Ours”


Nightwing confront a woman who has ripped the doors off of Arkham-guess what? It’s Superwoman. She catches his with her barbedwire lasso, and drags him away.


“They call him Nightwing here. He’ll do.”


We cut back to Luthor and Kord-who is dangling off the ledge. A sonic boom is heard as Luthor tries to help Kord up-and we see Ultraman fly by. Luthor thinks its Superman-but he directly ignores Luthor and heads straight for a Lexcorp Building. He breaks a vault down-and removes a stick of Kryptonite, smashes it and literally snorts it like glorious green radioactive cocaine..


Cut over the Central City-where the Rogues are trying to take down and electrified fence. They are met by the CSA’s Johnny Quick-who lays them out. We cut to a prison, where Power Ring free’s Black Manta.


Meanwhile, in Gotham-Scarecrow is giving out coins to Ivy, Freeze, Riddler and Two-Face-all to join the Secret Society.


Meanwhile, the CSA has taken the Watchtower out, and crashed it into Happy Harbor-now using it for their own base of operations. The CSA welcomes the villains of the DC Universe, and we see some in fighting between Deathstroke and Grodd. Bane also makes note that The Joker is nowhere to be found-but he’s possibly wearing “someone else’s face.”



2013-09-07 15.31.56


Suddenly, Aquaman’s trident is thrown to the floor-and Black Manta proclaims it as his. Wonder Woman’s lasso is thrown out-and Cheetah grabs it. Superman’s tattered cape is fought over by Parasite and Metallo..


The next shot? Well..let’s show you.


2013-09-07 15.35.20

2013-09-07 15.35.23


Ultraman proclaims the Justice League is dead-and that the world is theirs for the taking. He welcomes everyone to his Secret Society. The Monocle doesn’t believe what Ultraman is saying. He believes its a trap and the Crime Syndicate is really the Justice League in disguise. What is Ultraman’s response to this heresey?


2013-09-07 15.38.33Yeah. He flat out incinerates him.


We also see that the Teen Titans are int he wait, ready to jump into action, which is very nice.


Here’s the big part. The big hint. The part where depending how this segment would decide my personal future as a DC reader.


Remember 20 some pages back when they kidnapped Nightwing? Yeah, well that comes full circle now.


Superwoman brings him up-wrapped in her lasso, and rips his mask off-revealing his identity to all the rogues-as well as everyone watching their pirated video feed they released through an EMP earlier in the issue-hitting every electronic device.


Funniest part of it, they cut to Luthor is is watching.


“Richard Grayson? Who the hell is Richard Grayson?” -Lex Luthor


The reactions of the Titans and Batgirl are perfect, shock and awe,


The villains of the DC Universe have been unleashed on the world-and the Crime Syndicate will hunt down and destroy everyone who stands in their way.


The issue ends with Ultraman leaving the Watchtower-and being hit by the rays of the Sun. See, on Earth-3, he’s POWERED by Kryptonite, and hurt by yellow sunlight. So what does he do? He moves a fucking MOON infront of the sun.


The issue ends with Lex Luthor in shock, proclaiming “This is a job for Superman…so where the hell is he?”


“Forever Evil #1” kicks off witha a BANG, while no important characters died-unlike when they burnt Martian Manhunter alive in the first issue of Final Crisis-they did throw a huge monkey wrench into things. We don’t know who all was watching the video feed-but considering we saw heroes and villains alike-we’re pretty safe to assume it’s everybody.


For the official start of the New 52’s first huge “Crisis” level event-this was a riot. The story is very well paced, and we got alot of set up in this issue.


I give it 4 stars.


Had Nightwing of died in this issue-like so many people suspected-I would probably be dropping DC all together. Nightwing is hands down my favorite DC Character ever. My son’s named Grayson for god sakes.


Check out “Forever Evil #1”. It’s a good read, and a fun time.



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