[PODCAST] 005: WrestleChat (w/ Special Guest Bryan Willett!)



It’s time for #WRESTLECHAT 2013! John Pariah (@johnolesen) Big Rich, and Bryan Willett (@TheBryanWillett) sit down and chat about the goings-ons-of the soap opera for men that is professional wrestling! We also discuss what we’ve been geeking on, and give some live segment by segment SPOILERS for the Ring of Honor live event that was airing while we recording.


You have been warned.


NHL 14



Batman 66








How we got into wrestling


Thoughts on current state overall


–Daniel Bryan angle

–CM Punk / Heyman

–Lack of credible main eventers now




–State of TNA

—Hogans pending departure

—AJ Styles CM Punk promo


ROH Discussion



Favorite Current Wrestler

Favorite All Time




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