[TOKU] GARO DOUBLE FEATURE: no Soukuku Tougen no Fue Maryuu

Another toku post from me guys n gals. And another GARO review.

If you haven’t learned by now, i LOVE me some GARO. So tonight-we’re going to talk about TWO of the GARO films released in 2013.

So by the blade of Knights, lets shine light onto Keita Amemia’s wonderous world of horrors and Makai Priest, as we look at both Garo: Soukoku no Maryuu and Garo Gaiden: Tougen no Fue (aka Legs The Movie)…..

GARO SNM POSTER FIX再校3OLThe first is “Soukoku no Maryuu”, which roughly translates to “Demon Dragon of the Blue Cries”. The film takes place AFTER Garo: Makai Senki-so we’re back to Kouga and co for this adventure. From my understanding, the series stands as the epilogue to Kouga’s adventures. There’s nothing to link it to “The One Who Shines in Darkness”-which was kind of a bummer.

The plot picks up at the end of “Garo: Makai Senki”, where Kouga has gone to visit Gajira and fulfill his end of their contract.  Gajira sends him to the Promised Land, where he is separated from the Garo Ken-as its turned into a robotic dog, he’s lost Zaruba, and his magic coat has turned into a Pokemon…..

He falls through a hellacious title sequence, and awakens in a forest-sporting a bad ass scarf. A downpour begins-and he sees a giant glowing…cat..thing in the tree. After he tries to grab the Garo Ken-watching it turn into the Red Dog, he throws a stick at the glowing thing-and is transported to the Promised Land-where he is being tasked with finding the Fang of Lamentation. This is where shit goes fucking INSANE.

The movie follows a very similar arc to “Wizard of Oz”-with Kouga playing the role of Dorothy. It’s like Keita watched Wizard of Oz-and decided to write a Garo movie.

The action is fun-and the visuals are insane. The monster designs are prototypical Keita-led GARO goodness. The Scarecrow character is alot of fun. The plot never really slows down-and the final battles are insane.

The second film is GARO Gaiden: Tougen no Fue (The Tougen Flute), which is a side story that takes place at roughly the same time as “Soukoku no Maryuu”, and centers around Makai GARO_TNF_POSTER_B1_OLPriestesses Jabbi and Rekka-and there foresty adventures. HJU called this “GARO: LEGS! THE MOVIE!” and well..I don’t disagree.

The story centers around Rekka and Jabbi-who are training future Makai Priestess’s while the boys are off fighting in a tournament. They’re visited each by girls, and are led on a quest against each other to help re-animate a Priestess exiled away. The action again is tight, and having a movie centered on Rekka and Jabbi is amazing.

There is one tease moment where you think just maybe, Rekka might get some armor-but instead she flip kicks a flaming bird of doom into the monster at the end….

All in all, both movies are alot of fun-and recomended for ANY fan of GARO

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