[TOYS]: Power Rangers Super Megaforce Armored Red Ranger (2014)

While 2013 may be over, the 20th anniversary of POWER RANGERS continues on as we enter “Power Rangers Super Megaforce”! The 2014 season is an adaptation of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, from 2011-which served as the 35th Anniversary if Super Sentai.



Lets Jump past the break, to check out the POWER RANGERS SUPER MEGAFORCE ARMORED RED RANGER…and let’s make a show of it!


Power Rangers Super Megaforce is going ALL out with the toys this year-but this time I’m going to focus on just one. The ARMORED MIGHT RED RANGER. This is the red Super Megaforce Ranger – aka the lovable Captain Marvelous, Gokai Red.

These figures stand around 7″ tall, they’re MUCH larger than an SH Figuart

Armored Might Red Ranger vs SH Figuart Gokai Silver
Armored Might Red Ranger vs SH Figuart Gokai Silver

Posabillity wise? They’re actually pretty similar. The Armored Might Ranger has all the ball sockets you’d expect a higher end collectors figure to have. Neck swivels, shoulder swivels, removable hands and a dozen or so accessories. I will note on MINE, the neck seems a bit stiff. I did roll it a bit and it loosened up. My Armored Might White Ranger’s neck seems a little bit looser and more flexible. Could be design, could be QC issue. The Red has the gold collar (that is removable..because armor?) so maybe BoA didnt expect kids to move his head much. Or it could be a QC issue. I’ve had that with Bandai before……*cough* SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Double FangJoker *cough*…..


Accessories…he comes with a few. Alot more than the White Ranger did, as the white just comes with his Kiba Shield, Saba, the leg and arm cuffs, and the gold bicep wrap things. Granted, he actually has a shield-Gokai Red doesn’t. He comes with a spare set of hands, the removable collar, and a SHIT TON of weapons.


The idea behind Gokaiger was they could use all the past Ranger powers and weapons. I’m sure the idea will carry over into Super Megaforce-which as I said in Episode 8 of our podcast, is the single worst name of anything ever in the history of stuff.

Moving along though, weapon wise-he comes with the Gokai Saber and Gokai Gun (note: I don’t know EXACTLY what they’ll be called in Super Megaforce. I’m assuming Legendary Gun / Sword….but that’s lame…much like Megaforce was..and considering how lazy Saban was with that….) he also comes with the Red Zeo Sword, the red Wild Force hand lion thing, The Fire Smasher from Samurai, a gun from SPD, nunchucks-presumably from Ninja Storm or Jungle Fury, as well as the Red Magistaff from Magiranger / Mystic Force. As I said, he also comes with the Gokaiger weapons as well.

All in all, the figure is really nice. The cool thing about the Armored Might line (which includes MMPR Red, Green and White, Megaforce Red, Blue, and Robo Knight, and Super Megaforce Red)-is the fact that all the armors are swappable. The MMPR Red comes with the Green Ranger shield, Green and White are self explanitory-and the Megaforce rangers come with their Ultra Mode armors. Robo Knight is just armored up. They’re all swappable.

Gokai Red.....KIBA MODE!
Gokai Red…..KIBA MODE!

Which makes for some fun playtime set ups.

Overall, if you can find it for around $20, 25$ shipped….get it. The White MMPR Ranger is equally good, and a decent stand in for the Figuart if you’re on a budget. They cost HALF the price of an SH Figuart (if not more, as I said, I got this for $25 shipped, and the Gokai Red Figuart is 60-80, depending on alignment of the planets…)

Are they better than SH Figuarts? No. God No. SH Figuarts are the standard bearer. Are they good for what Bandai of America usually puts out? Of course.

–I would of liked paint on the weapons. It’s an anniversary series. BoA knew fans of Super Megaforce, and Gokaiger would buy this figure. They did some detail work on the Saba sword from the White Ranger, why couldnt they do the paint details on the Gokai weapons at least? le sigh….any customizers out there want to customize my Gokai Weapons for me?

Out of a four, I’d give this a solid 4. If you can find it for under $30-it’s not bad. The closer to 20 you get, the better it becomes. If price is absolutely no option, hold out hope that Bluefin will release English Power Rangers packaged re-issues of the Gokai Red Figuart.

Here’s a gallery of him with the weapons and such

Armored Might Red Ranger vs SH Figuart Gokai Silver
Armored Might Red Ranger vs SH Figuart Gokai Silver


Gokai Red.....KIBA MODE!
Gokai Red…..KIBA MODE!

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