Is the premiere of “Power Rangers Super Megaforce” a “Super Mega Win!”?


Well…..in a way, yes.


Dont get confused, when I say this is hands down the BEST EPISODE OF POWER RANGERS MEGAFORCE EVER…that doesn’t really say much, because Megaforce was atrociously terrible.


Let’s go past the jump for more on that……



So a few months ago, we did a podcast about Power Rangers. My view on Megaforce can be summed up in a few simple words: “OH GOD WHY DOES IT HURT SO MUCH??!?!”


Yeah, i hated it. I hate Goseiger, I hate Megaforce….


HOWEVER, I  am going to let Super Megaforce stand on its own…


I’m not going to get into a scene by scene breakdown of the episode. I did that on Twitter already



I have two real complaints about the episode, but lets start with the good:



–The acting was INCREDIBLY better than the previous episodes. The acting in Megaforce actually made me pine for “Power Rangers Samurai”.


–The plot actually MADE SENSE (one of my complaints not withstanding..)


–The humor was kinda good this time. When Jake (the Black Ranger) gets his Green Ranger Key, he goes “Does anyone else notice my key is the wrong color?” and Gosei goes to explain, and an attack happens. Hillarious. They keep the Green joke through the episode….


–The action, now sure this is mostly due to the episode being about 90% Gokaiger episode 1 footage…but they made it work really well…


Overall, the episode was fantastic….except….


SUPER MEGA WIN?!?! REALLY? SOMEBODY  WAS PAID TO WRITE THE PHRASE “Super Megaforce, that’s a Super Mega Win!”?!?? Where do I sign up for that gig?


I’ve gone on record of saying that “Super Megaforce” might be the worst name in the history of anything (until Super Dino Charge at least…). I’ve also gone on record as to saying they should of skipped Goseiger and just went straight for the Gokaiger adaptation….but whatever. Jesus christ though, I’ve watched the episode twice, and that line just bugs the ever living hell out of me.


My second complaint, isnt really a complaint..per se..it’s more of a “gee this show would be a FUCKTON more interesting if they did this instead.”


The episode [SPOILERS!!] ends with the status quo being reset to normal. They found the light switch in the school, and a broom. Presumably the mall is back as backdrop central number 3.  The effects of a FULL SCALE ALIEN INVASION was not seen.


This is where this show COULD have cemented itself in a perfect place to be better than its predecessors (of the Neo Saban Era…)


dont reset the status quo.


The school is destroyed. People are missing, things are fucked up. THE WORLD IS BEING INVADED BY A GODDAMNED ARMADA


You have twenty episodes to tell a story about a city ravaged by aliens, and a team of six multi colored – surprisingly pirate themed super heroes saving the day. Just like in the Robo Knight / Metal Alice episode arc, you COULD have told a great little story about Man vs Machine, a very “Ghost In The Machine” type of story-if robots can really be sentient life. Instead, they didnt.


Here you can tell a very…apocalyptic…not pre-apocalyptic, or post apocalyptic. We can get an insight into the characters, and their fight to save humanity DURING the crisis, and not after or before it.


Why not go there? RPM Did it, and its considered one of the absolute best seasons of Power Rangers to date. The idea of everything being resolved in one episode is sooo jaded, even for a kids show. Let the writers WRITE, let them take these character in a different direction. I know it wont happen, what with Saban’s current copy + paste plan of action with Power Rangers. Le sigh…


Those two things not withstanding, “Super Megaforce” was a really good premiere. We also had the start of the “WTF HAPPENED TO ROBOKNIGHT?!?” mystery, which will PROBABLY result in the debut of Gokai Silver…


Overall. I’m happy with the show, and I look forward to seeing if Super Megaforce is indeed a….ugh…Super…Mega….Win…


power-rangers-forever-redGOKAI CHANGE!

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