[MOVIE] SON OF BATMAN [DC Universe Animation] (2014)



I know it’s been awhile, but things are looking good in Chaos Land-and we’re coming back to you with a movie review BEFORE ANYBODY ELSE (i think…)


We’re going to be reviewing SON OF BATMAN, the newest DC Animated feature-and second for a year (..we’ll talk about that…)


Following JUSTICE LEAGUE: WAR earlier in this year, DC announced their 3 movie / year plan would start following a loose continuity. 2 of those three would be in continuity, and the third would be seperated. For 2014, “War”, and “Son of Batman” are in DC’s Animated New 52 Universe. They feature the same lead voice actor from “War”, Jason O’Mara-under the cowl, and keeps the same character designs from the previous movie.


How does this solo Batmovie stand up in the pantheon of animated Batfilms? Lets jump past the break and find out..


Be warned, there may or may not be SPOILERS….




So “Son of Batman” adapts Grant Morrisons “Batman & Son” storyline, and introduces us to everybody’s favorite 10 year old sociopath, DAMIAN WAYNE-who makes his animated debut in this film.


Editors note: to be fair, there was a “Damian” in an episode of “Batman: The Brave & The Bold” in the episode where we jump to the future, and The Joker’s kid kills Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle while they take their son, Damian to the opening of the Batman Museum in Gotham. Batman is Dick Grayson in this episode….and Damian becomes Robin at the end of the episode…


Talia....god damn...
Talia….god damn…


The movie follows the story of Damian being sent to live in Gotham with his father by Talia Al Ghul (his mother), after an attack on his grandfather (Ras Al Ghul) League of Assassians compound, lead by Deathstroke-who in this world is an ex-communicated League of Assassians member, who was at one point groomed to be Ras’ successor. He kills Ras, who dies inches away from a Lazarus pit…


The opening sequence is fucking AWESOME. Just a solid 5-7 minutes of action, bloodshed and violence….typical of a war between Deathstroke and the League of Assassians




As mentioned, Talia sends Damian to Gotham, presumably to keep him safe while she wages a holy war on Deathstroke-who has taken over his own faction of the League. He has abducted Dr. Kirk Langstrom (Manbat)-who was working with Killer Croc to steal mutagen to create an army of Manbat Warriors (much like in the comics…)


Once Talia drops of Damian, we see how much of a glorious prick he is. Commanding Alfred around like a servant, amazed that his father only has ‘one servant’, waging a holy war on the Wayne Manor shrubbery.


Damian runs off and goes after Ubu, who used to be an associate of Ras, who is now working for Deathstroke. He puts him in the ICU, and gets scolded by Batman-after we get a funny back and forth between Damian and Dick Grayson (Nightwing, voiced by ‘Arrow’s Sean Maher, aka Shrapnel. Small world ain’t it?)


The Bat Family
The Bat Family


Bruce decides to give Damian the Robin costume, and take him out on a recon mission to Arkham, going after Killer Croc. He than goes after Langstrom-in an attempt to find Deathstroke.


We see that Damian is engineered as a killing machine, and we get to see him grow as a person-into what a true Son of the Batman would be.


The movie really devolves into the Damian Wayne Show in the third act-which isn’t a bad thing. The final confrontation between Damian and Deathstroke is pretty awesome and insanely intense…


Overall, I’d give Son of Batman a B+. It’s a solid movie, and while Jason O’Mara is no Kevin Conroy-he’s doing a really good job as the Dark Knight.


With “Son of Batman” being essentially a Damian story, I really want DC to give us a Nightwing movie….now…


That’s my issue with DC Animation. They do THREE A YEAR…


these things are not expensive to produce Warner Brothers. You would be able to create so many jobs if you were working on maybe 2-3 at a time, and released maybe 1 every other month. You could expand so much as well, create a real continuity-and even do non canon stuff…


We NEED / deserve a solo Nightwing  movie. The character is popular enough to support it. With the characters recent move to Chicago in the comics-it could be a delicious restart and self contained universe. We also have other properties you could tie animation into. I can’t be the only one who KNOWS FOR A FACT that Stephen Amell would do the voice acting for an animated ARROW film, maybe one that bridges the gap between Season 2 and 3?  I mean hell, he did voice work for “Injustice”-that was just re-recording Green Arrows lines, for when you decide to use one of his alternate costumes…..i doubt he’d have issue with doing an animated feature.


Here’s my short list for DC animated films that would do well:



Suicide Squad

Harley Quinn

[Green] Arrow

Injustice: The Animation

Smallville Season 11

Batman Beyond / Justice League Beyond


do it DC…have different teams doing different…even if it boils down to have an A and B team…you know you want to DC…



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