Editors Note: This was originally posted as a PAGE for some unknown reason………this was originally posted February 24th 2014….







Big Rich & @johnolesen with the 501st
Big Rich & @johnolesen with the 501st


Last Night (Feb 23rd) was the Innagural Northwest Indiana Comic Con in Schereville, Indiana!


The event, to put it mildly was a blast! There was no opening night jitters from anyone involved, and we met a very wide range of fun and interesting people.


So many people at this event, allegedly Brian and Kelly-the showrunners expected maybe 500 people (I heard this through the grapevine…), and apparently the official count was over 1400!!! That’s enough to even make Vegeta go “Damn!”


The place was packed shoulder to shoulder all day, with barely any let up. The parking lot was BEYOND capacity, and it was amazing. I had to park at Golden Corral, but you know what? It’s cool. I’m okay with that…because the event was just so much fun!


Getting force choked by Lord Vader
Getting force choked by Lord Vader


There were people in costume, vendors, artists, panels. It was everything I hoped and dreamed. Did the venue get cramped? Oh..god…the horror at times. Overall though-I can’t complain. The whole PCC crew enjoyed the event, and next year-we WILL be in full force, talking to guests, setting up a table-and preparing a live podcast for the event as well….

I just want to take this space to personally thank Brian and Kelly (whom we tried to get on the show, just never could schedule around it!!) for bringing such an event to NWI. I know alot of people who avoid things like C2E2 and Wizard World-just because of the hectic drive through Chicago. I know I personally hate driving to Chicago and will avoid it at all costs, so having some local-family friendly and inexpensive in my own backyard is AWESOME!


So thank you again guys…..can NOT wait for 2015….





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