[COMICS] WYNTER #1 and #2 from New Worlds Comics



WYNTER is a Sci Fi comic from the creative team of Guy Hasson and Aron Elekes. It’s published by New Worlds Comics-an independent digital only publisher. They can be found through their website – as well as through the usual digital comics distribution channels, like ComiXology


WYNTER is one of two titles New Worlds puts out. the basic plot of the series set in a future where nobody can be special. Everything has been done, and everything has been seen. Liz Wynters sets out to prove the system wrong in this dystopian world.


I have read the first two issues of WYNTER, check back after the jump to see what I though about this independent Sci Fi epic.

TestWYNTER #1 opens with the tag line “Meet Liz Wynter….She’s No One Special”. This introduces us to the concept of the Dystopian future the story of “WYNTER” takes place in. It’s a world over wrought  by technology-that has evolved to a point where DNA has been duplicated and spread across worlds. Cloning is prevelant, and nobody is special. Everything is a key algorithm and everything fits into a simple equation. Liz-much like everyone else is equipped with a device called an “iMe”. It gives her feedback and statistics on everybody and everything she thinks. For an example-anytime Liz thinks shes special, her iMe retorts “I AM SPECIAL – 200 Billion + had same though in last 30 seconds”.


Doesn’t seem very special, does it?


We’re quickly introduced to the world, and its main supporting characters. Liz’s teacher, her best friend Shane. We’re explained the functions of the iMe, and how it operates-and given the basic set up to the universe, and a tight cliffhanger to keep us reading. We see Liz is your prototypical troubled youth, and she lands in jail.


The world is very Blade Runner meets Equilibrium. They are given a drug called Quell to force their obediance and acceptance of the mundane. You see Liz is one of the few people willing to break the shell-especially when the cliffhanger at the end drops-which takes us directly into issue 2….



Issue two opens with the cliffhanger at the end of issue one-involving the character Shane. We see his reaction to what happened.


We meet some of the people behind the way the world is, The Galactic Government. They’re going after what they call the Subversive-which is apparently people who are attempting to resist what they are putting into effect. They go after Liz.


We learn that through the iMe, everything is recorded and can be uploaded to the cloud. When somebody dies-their conscience, thoughts, dreams, and such is visible. It takes the fears of social media and extrapolates them to a whole new level. We Liz trying to outsmart the system just to stay alive.


Final Thoughts

The story flows very nicely between the two issues-and is something I think will feel very natural in trade form. Issues 1 and 2 feel like the first few minutes of a TV show, only stopped by a commercial break.


The writing is top notch, though the font on the book can be a little hard to read.



  • The writing is fantastic, and the story has me intrigued to keep reading
  • The story is compelling, and the characters absolutely come into their own very quickly.
  • While it does have elements from other stories, it doesn’t feel like a clone. It feels very fresh, and very unique. We do live in a world where originality is nil, and every story has been done before-so in that world, this story-which ironically is about a world where EVERYTHING has literally been done before-feels fresh and exciting.


  • The art is…it didn’t strike me. It does feel alot like the art style for the Image book “COWL”-which is a good thing.
  • This ISNT a deal breaker for me. I’m a writer, not an artist-so who am I to judge someones art. The story is fantastic, and thats keeping my interst.


  • This could really go in “meh” category, because its not crucial to the story-and could just be me-but the art the story is printed on is REALLY hard to read. I read it in a standard PDF format, and the text felt very blurred. Not sure if it was because I was reading it on an iPad Mini, or what-but I had to zoom in a bit to read it clearly. This is me REALLY nitpicking and trying to find something to put in the “Bad” category.


Overall, I give the first two issues of WYNTER a solid B+. It’s a sci fi epic that is refreshing and unique. I will be purchasing issue #3 on ComiXology as soon as its released.


Again, you can check out New World Comics online. They can be found through their website – as well as through the usual digital comics distribution channels, like ComiXology


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