Today kids, we’re going to look at the third DC Universe Animated movie for 2014. Batman: Assault on Arkham!!!!!


“Assault” roughly takes place between “Origins” and “Asylum”-and features the return of return of CCH Pounder to the role of Amanda Waller (She voiced her in Justice League Unlimited, as well as Superman/Batman Public Enemies and other media.  Look her up, the fact they didnt cast her in “Arrow” is offensive…she LOOKS the part….)


We also see the return of other DCAU alumni in Kevin Conroy voicing the Dark Knight himself (….i dont need to explain who that is…do i?)


Now, the movie is titled “BATMAN: Assault on Arkham”…for very much the same reason “Superman/Batman: Apocalypse” was titled as such. This movie is essentially “Suicide Squad: Assault on Arkham”. If they would of given it that title, and not have placed a giant batman symbol on the front-I think the reaction to this would be alot better.


Overall the movie is enjoyable. The voice talent is fine-although I would of preferred Tara Strong to voice Harley Quinn instead of Hynden Walch. She does a servicable job to the role-which she originally played when the character was introduced on “The Batman”.


In the end, pretend the movie is called “Suicide Squad”. It’s the closest to an R Rated DC movie we’re going to ever get. The voice acting is fine, the animation is fine-and its just a fun action packed thrill ride.





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