Beware The Batman was an EXTREMELY UNDERRATED show. WB / DC pulled the plug on it way too early. It lasted for ONE SEASON, 26 episodes-and only 12 of them originally made air. The remaining episodes are currently being burnt off at 3AM on Cartoon Network-so set your DVRs and check it out!


The show hit a fantastic stride when it shifted from the League of Assassians to Harvey Dents War on Batman at episode 14. Anarky was set up as a major foe, a literal ying to Batman’s yang.

The voice casting was good, and the guy they got voicing Batman-while he was no Kevin Conroy (Batman TAS and beyond) was better than Bruce Greenwood (Young Justice) and Rino Romaro (The Batman) combined. The overarching storyline was solid, and the way they redid the mythos was fantastic.

I LOVE these different spins on stories. Too often to networks just put out the same old story. It’s happened a hundred times with Spiderman-which is why “Ultimate Spiderman” was so refreshing. It happened with Batman as well. We kept getting the same story over and over and over. “Beware The Batman” was different. We had a young, inexperienced but driven Batman. An Alfred who wasn’t a liability-and a different side kick in Katana. Barbara goes straight to “Oracle”. We see the animated debuts of Pyg, Magpie and Toad. We get emotional introductions to characters like Metamorpho and Manbat-who evolve naturally and aren’t just left as one dimensional cannon fodder. We get a scarred Harvey Dent, but we never see him as Two Face. We get Deathstroke, we get to see a Batman without the Penguin, without the Joker, without Mr. Freeze. We get to see an entirely different take.


Much like Young Justice-the show was very well written. The characters all hit their beats and did extremely well. Theres an episode where Barbara (whose a High Schooler) goes on a date, and I really wish instead of “Random Filler Character” they would of said his name was Dick Grayson-but thats just me.


The show is available on blu ray-at least the first 12 episodes are, and the remaining episodes are being ran at like 3AM on Toonami. Set your DVRs and check out the Blu Rays. Show the brass at WB that this show-much like Young Justice-deserves a continuation.

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