MOVIES: Justice League: Throne of Atlantis (2015)

Justice_League_-_Throne_of_AtlantisIf there’s one thing DC does well-it’s their direct to DVD animated features. While some have been…better than others….they’ve been consistant-which is more than we can say for any other comic book animation since the 90s.


This is part of DCs “New 52” of Animation. It connects to the previous efforts like “Flashpoint” “Justice League War” and “Son of Batman” pretty well. It carries over the voice cast, and adds an impressive list of new recruits to the fold as well.


This movie tries to drive a point home:




Yeah, that’s something I didn’t expect to type…..ever.


Based off of the New 52 Story of the same name-the film does take some liberties with the source material. The story does feel a little crammed, considering unlike the comic-they’re covering Aquamans origin story in the movie as well. Much like DCs last animated effort: “Batman: Assault on Arkham”, or the previous “Superman/Batman: Apocalypse” from 2012-the movie doesn’t….really NEED the Justice League.


“Assault on Arkham” should have been called “Suicide Squad” and “Apocalypse” could have just been called “Supergirl”. They used the title characters to garner more interest-much the same way what could have been just an Aquaman rise to power film uses the “Justice League” name to attract viewers. It works, and its a VERY solid movie none the less.


The voice cast is more or less in tact from previous DC Universe / New 52 Animated films like “Justice League War” and “Son of Batman”. The animation style is very Korra-esque, which some people like, some people don’t. It’s grown on me over the past several films-and it gives everything a more uniform feel, much like the Bruce Timm Universe had a very uniform feel to it.


All in all, I liked the movie. It could of used an extra 20 minutes or so to develop the characters and feel a little less rushed, but all in all another solid effort from DC Animation.



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