TV: Power Rangers Dino Charge Episode 001 – “Power of the Past”

Welcome everyone to this years season of Saban’s Power Rangers, the longest running kids action franchise of all time! It’s the 22nd Season of the show and the follow up to 2013  / 2014s Power Rangers [Super] Mega Force. It’s morphin’ time as we enter the world of talking robots, black ops and a 3 man Ranger team with weird quir—wait…we’re skipping Go Busters?


…Damn It….


Welcome to Power Rangers: DINO CHARGE. Based on the series Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger – which was about Samba Dancing Dinosaurs. Yeah, i’ll let that sink in as we go past the jump and talk about the premiere episode, “POWERS OF THE PAST”!



Now I want to lead this off with saying, unlike last years “Super Megaforce” (which is STILL the worst name for a thing ever in the history of ever.) in which I watched everything with a Gokaiger logo on it first. I have not seen more than 9 episodes of Kyoryuger. Yeah I saw them in Super Hero Taisen Z and The Rider Wars Movie which for some reason featured Super Sentai….but besides that…I didn’t see any of it, so I’m going into this with no preconvieced thoughts about Kyoryuger-except that i didn’t really care for those 9 episodes I did watch!





We open to a Star Destroyer, dragging a bunch of asteroids. Inside we’re immediately introduced to Fury, a red horned Lion looking monster and Wrench, who is a nerdy dorky mechanic. Than we’re introduced to the main villain Sledge, whose the leader of this brigade-and Poisantra, a loving ditzy girl who Sledge is in love with. All of this is original footage from my understanding.


They’re searching for a being called “The Keeper”, and chasing him through space. They shoot him down and guess which planet he lands on!


That’s right. Uranus.


Seriously though, he lands on Earth, and we got to the AWESOME opening intro music. Which is so much more than a redux of “Go Go Power Rangers”. Its really good. Not as good as PelleK’s version though..



We’re introduced to the main human cast in the intro. The five Rangers and the science auxiliary character. She was presumably added because the core team only has one female member.


So we’re introduced to the Keeper, who has landed on Earth and is greeted by a fucking T-Rex. A T-Rex without Feathers, unlike the Kyoryuger version-which had feathers, because ‘Merica dammit.


He’s looking for the Energems in his wreckage, and he finds them-only to be attacked by Fury. He plays dead and uses a decoy Energem box to trick Fury-who apparently is an idiot-into taking a bomb back onto the Star Destroyer. Which we find out is a prison too, because Sledge is the Power Rangers equivalent to Boba Fett


Sledge. Boba Fett and the Predator had a baby


He’s engaged to Poisantra and doesn’t want to marry her (smart man). Fury returns with the “Energems” and well..



The bomb blows up the ship, forcing the energy net of Asteroids to plummet to can guess what happens when Dinosaur time Earth meets Asteroids right?


Sledge has now destroyed the Earth. Problem solved. Crisis averted. Jesus how the fuck did Vrak have so much issue with this last year? NEXT!


OH wait we’re not done? Fuck.


So the Keeper recruits the bravest of dinosaurs. Presumably five dinosaurs with attitude and embeds the Energems in them. Then he’s attacked by Fury, the Asteroids hit and everybody dies. Sorry.

Spoilers Kids: Kyoryuger has ALOT of Rangers in it....
Spoilers Kids: Kyoryuger has ALOT of Rangers in it….


Fast forward to modern day. A hot blonde is giving a tour of a dinosaur exhibit in a museum. The kid wearing red-whose  obviously the new Red Ranger-and hispanic?  is asking a random museum worker about a random cave he has in his notebook. The Aussie is absolutely sure of where the cave is. In fact-he and his team are going there to dig. Because museums use random workers to dig up bones.


We meet some of the cast, the eventual Black Ranger-who goes from being a bad ass gunslinger to a..well…not. The eventual Pink Ranger-whose black-is a waitress at the museum cafe and incredibly bad at her job. And the eventual Blue Ranger, whose the strong dumb easily appeased with food type. Okay than.


I do like the diviserty this season. We’ve had the Aryan Red Ranger pretty much every season but Turbo, Ninja Storm, and RPM-so it’s nice to see a change up as well…


The waitress, Shelby-tries to go with the guys on a dig. They say no, because she’s obviously a klutz and she stows away anyways, because…why not!


We go to the dig, and we cut to the Red Ranger whose name escapes me searching through the “Volcanic Cave”. He runs into a dude in a cloak, who chases him into a crevice where-guess Energem is! Guess what color it is. I’ll give you one hint and it involves every piece of clothing this guy owns!


The same cloaked person (we presume) is stealing a box from the truck that Shelby is hiding in. We see it glowing pink-so guess whats inside? She yells to the crew members-who ignore her-and she decides to chase after it. She steals the box, the thing attacks her and the Red Ranger swings in like Tarzan and saves her. The thing takes off his cloak revealing an ice monster-who we will see more of next week when the stock footage kicks in. Funny bit with him pulling useless stuff from his backpack-before showing his ‘bravery’ and deflecting laser blasts with a shovel. He gets hit by the monster and frozen-right after he barely touches the Energem with his finger, bonding it with his DNA. Meanwhile, Shelby does the same with the pink gem. They break the ice and the stone covered Dino Charge Gun Morpher Things come in. Red puts the gem in into the front, and Pink follows suit. Random misfire hits the monster and they unceremoniously transform into the Red and Pink Kyoryugers! NO SAMBA DANCING REQUIRED.


They fight off the monster, and demorph-wrapping their heads around what happened. The museum crew leave her there, and he drives her back. We get some exposition on who the hell the Red Ranger is-which is nice and thats the end of the episode.




“Powers of the Past” is the best season premiere in the Neo Saban era. Probably one of the top single first episodes in the franchise history! Its a solid episode that is all AMERICAN FOOTAGE. We’re not getting a half assed rip off plot like Super Megaforce, a half assed retread of MMPR like Megaforce, and we are getting a word for word shot for shot translation like we did in Samurai / Super Samurai. Its refreshing! Judging it on its own merits-not that of Kyoryuger is actually kind of nice as I don’t have anything else to compare it too. One thing i HOPE they do, is adapt the Dino Warriors movie Toei put out, featuring Kyoryuger, Abaranger, and Zyuranger teaming up! To American fans, that means Dino Charge, Dino Thunder, and MMPR. It would be AMAZING. Tommy is the only guarantee, and the only hard part at the same time. You know JDF will come when Saban calls, but he has 2 roles in MMPR and a role in Dino Thunder-PLUS theres always the constant rumors he’ll show up in Dino Charge.


All in all, I’m actually looking forward to what I presume will be part two of the premiere in 2 weeks on Nickelodeon! You can watch part one THIS SATURDAY on Nick!







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