PODCAST: Episode 018 – NXT Rival Preview, DCs New Universe, Spiderman to the MCU and more!

Check the show notes after the jump for all the links!
This weeks episode of Pop Culture Chaos is brought to you by the 2015 Northwest Indiana Comic Con. Saturday, February 21st 2015 – come on out to the Halls of St. George in Schereville, Indiana for The Regions PREMIERE Geek Culture Event! VIP Guests, Artists, Cosplayers and so much more! Tickets are only $8 for adults! Follow @NWIComicCon on Twitter for all the details and to get your tickets now!
NWI Comic Con:
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Comic Bento:
Welcome to Pop Culture Chaos. We are a podcast all about comics, tv, movies, toys, wrestling, and generally all things geek. Are we post Crisis? Pre Crisis? Marvel Now? Image United? Pre 52? Old 52? New 52? Or something entirely different? My name is John and I went back in time to keep my loved ones from being murdered-thus completely fucking everything up. I can be found on the Twitters at @johnolesen, and I am joined by he who punches reality-Matt!
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DC New New NEW 52 (Really New)
Full Comic Book Movie List through 2020
From HERO to GOTHAM: Milo Ventimigilia joins GOTHAM
Ryan Reynolds on DEADPOOL:
Deadpool (not Deadpan) Actresses
Star Wars Spinoff Casting Follow

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